As a leader in 4IR technology in Bangladesh Amzotech Solutions Limited is well known for being the best cybersecurity company for banking and other financial institutions.As one of the top ICT companies in Bangladesh, Amzotech Solutions Limited has partnerships with globally leading brands for providing cyber security solutions, networking solutions, state of the art surveillance systems set up and other  disruptive technology solutions  and  it is continuously working on its R&D to position itself as the best Tech company in Bangladesh.

Amzotech Solutions Limited is a 4IR technology company and are current partners of market leading brands such as DELL EMC, Arista Networks, Tyco, Veracity and a few other Fortunate 500 companies. The goal is to create an environment where disruptive technology and trends such as RPA, AI, VR, IoT etc will significantly alter the way business, industries and consumers will operate. Amzotech is also focusing on  the vital sectors of FINTECH  and working primarily with the banking sector to help the industry leaders align with the regulatory guidelines of Bangladesh Bank. The company is continuously working on it's research and development department to position itself as market leaders in the Information and Communications Technology industry in the near future. 


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